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Investment Accounts

For all open investment accounts, you can open a cash account and/or a leverage account. Cash accounts or leverage accounts can be opened individually, jointly or in the name of a corporation. 

Individual Account (Non-Registered) 

An account in which all transactions are settled in cash.  A variety of investments are available through this type of account which include Mutual Funds, GICs, Annuities, Bonds* and Equities*.

*Bonds and Equities are made available through an exclusive arrangement with B2B Bank. Please speak to your Financial Advisor for further details on this service.

Joint Account

A joint account is an account shared between two or more individuals.  It typically allows anyone named on the account to access funds within it.  A joint account operates just like a regular account, except they can have two or more authorized users. 

Accounts held jointly between two parties may be titled with an "and" or an "or" between the account holders' names.  If the account is listed as an "and" account, then all parties must sign to access the funds. If it is an "or" account, only one of the parties needs to sign.

Corporate Account

A corporate or entity account is controlled by a legal entity such as a corporation, which can have one or more people authorized to transact on the entity's behalf.

Formal Trust Account

A formal trust is usually created by a legal document referred to as a deed of trust.  Whereas the ITF is informal, as its name suggests, with no deed of trust required. The investment contract with an ITF account designation is the only document detailing the trust relationship.

Margin (Leverage) Account

A margin or leverage account is an account that allows certain investments to be used as collateral for a loan. Follow the button below for more information on the types of leverage accounts available

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You've Got Choices

We can offer a number of investment solutions for your Non-Registered portfolio.

Mutual Fund Account

We offer an extensive selection of individual mutual funds from over 35 fund management companies with a full range of savings, income, and growth funds.

Signature Service Account

Designed with the investor in mind; it’s not your typical investment account. It’s a premium asset management service that’s commission free and gives you access to all the services, advice and investment options you need to meet your financial goals. To learn more click here.

Managed Portfolio Account

Building a diversified portfolio and constantly monitoring and adjusting it takes time and expertise. Many investors are choosing an "All-In-One Fund Solution", it's an easy and effective way to handle the money management and asset mix.

GIC or High Interest Account

We offer Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) in terms ranging from 1 to 5 years and a Daily High Interest Account. With GICs providing guaranteed principal and interest, they make for an ideal portion of a diversified portfolio.

Self-Directed Account

We offer a platform that offers all the available products under one plan with maximum flexibility to manage your investments.

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