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When planning for your children's future, we can help you make an educated decision.

The cost of tuition, rent, books and food can be as much as $14,500 per year or more! If you assume an annual inflation rate of 3 per cent, that means four years of university could cost about $98,000 in 18 years.

Governments are cutting money available for student loans and scholarships and competition for these programs is fierce. With this continuing trend, a post-secondary education will be accessible to very few.

Will you have $98,000 to pay for a post-secondary education for your child? Make the smart decision and plan today!


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  • Open a tax advantaged account
  • Earn tax sheltered growth
  • Take advantage of grant deposits
  • Apply for a Canada Learning Bond
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Here's where we can help!
We prepare an Educational Needs Analysis providing an estimate of the educational costs that your children will incur when they enter university, based on today's costs adjusted for interest and inflation.

Next, we help determine the monthly deposit required to fund the amounts needed and how best to fund those deposits. 

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