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Head Office Contact Information

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Head Office Address
Contact Info
5045 Orbitor Drive
Building 11, Suite 400
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 4Y4
Telephone: 416-622-9969
Toll-Free: 1-800-608-7707
Fax: 905-366-0303
Management Team Email/Telephone
George Aguiar
President and CEO
416-622-9969 ext. 228
Louis Aguiar
Executive Vice President
416-622-9969 ext. 230
Peter Evenson
Vice President
Business Development
416-622-9969 ext. 234
Paula Sprentz
Executive Vice President
Marketing and Communications

416-622-9969 ext. 229
Mak Sangha
Chief Operating Officer
416-622-9969 ext. 221
Ingela Baker
Vice President Finance
416-622-9969 ext. 245
Compliance Team  Email/Telephone
Mak Sangha
Chief Compliance Officer
416-622-9969 ext. 240
Michael Fornito
Senior Compliance Officer
16-622-9969 ext. 240
David Pamenter
Compliance Officer
416-622-9969 ext. 223
Investor Service Team  Email/Telephone
Raul Magaling
Investor Services Lead 
416-622-9969 ext. 242
Alex Gubanov
Investor Services Lead
416-622-9969 ext. 226
Riddhi Prajapati
Investor Services Lead
416-622-9969 ext. 225
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