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Consider Using Annuities and RRIFs
To get the best of both worlds - predictability plus flexible income and investment options - consider purchasing a life annuity with some of the proceeds from your RRSP, and putting the rest into a registered retirement investment fund (RRIF) or a life income fund (LIF), if your funds come from an RPP. The annuity could provide you with a dependable income stream, while the money in your RRIF provides flexible investment options.

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We encourage you to get professional advice when reviewing annuities as part of your investment portfolio.

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Note: Annuities are an Insurance Investment Product made available through GP Capital Insurance Agency Ltd.

Additional Information

Benefits of Annuities

  • Potential creditor protection
  • Death benefit guarantees
  • Principal guarantees

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Investment Proctection

Annuities provided by GP Capital Insurance Agency are covered by Assuris.

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