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We have looked to answer some of the most common questions asked when applying for an RRSP loan. If you have any specific questions send us an email and we would be pleased to help.

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What payment options are available?

Flexible payment options are available. You can choose from weekly to monthly payment dates. The chart below outlines all of your payment date options:

Weekly Monday - Friday
Bi-weekly Friday
Semi-monthly 1st and 16th
Monthly Your choice of any date

Can I repay my RRSP loan without penalty?

Yes, RRSP loans can be paid off at any time without penalty - no payout fee and no minimum interest charge.

Can I transfer-in my existing RRSP loans into one?

Yes, you can combine your existing RRSP loans held on the same plan with the same borrower/co-borrower combination.

Can I extend my existing RRSP loan?

Yes, you can extend your existing RRSP loans to a maximum of ten years from the original funding date.


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We will prepare an analysis to help you determine the right amount to borrow and then, we help you decide on the best options for investing your RRSP.

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