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Life insurance
How much do you really need?

Life insurance can be a unique and valuable financial planning tool, especially when it comes to looking after the needs of your loved ones. Nothing else can provide the same degree of financial security for your dependents. Question is how much insurance do you really need?

The answer depends on your age and your circumstances. Children, for example, have little need of life insurance, although parents sometimes buy policies in their name as a savings vehicle. Young singles have little need for life insurance either, except perhaps to cover funeral expenses and any debts not insured elsewhere. Mortgages a, for example, can be purchased with their own insurance protection.

If, however, you have dependents - a spouse, children, or others - then life insurance is often the only feasible way to provide financial security in your absence. The question of how much life insurance you need then depends on your family's income requirements.

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Get started by calculating how much life insurance you need first. Then you can decide on the type of insurance that's best for you.

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