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Understanding the Cost of Advice

GP Wealth Management and your financial advisor work together to provide you with a range of ongoing services and advice related to your investments and personal financial plan. The amount of compensation you pay in return depends, in part, on the compensation model you choose.


In the traditional model, compensation is embedded as commissions and trailer/service fees in the price of the products you purchase. For instance, if you hold a mutual fund, a management fee is embedded and is often expressed as a percentage of an amount invested. The percentage amount is referred to as the Management Expense Ratio (MER)†, and a portion of the fee is paid to GP Wealth and your financial advisor as a commission or trailer/service fee.

Fee for service

In the fee-for-service model, you pay an annual advisory fee directly to GP Wealth and your financial advisor based on your total assets under administration (AUA).

† If you would like to know and compare the MER for any mutual fund available, ask for the Fund Facts document. Click here for a sample Fund Facts Document.

Management and Advisory Services

Many investors may not understand what they get for the cost of advice. The following chart illustrates the core services you receive from GP Wealth and your financial advisor, along the average costs associated with each area of service.


Management Services
(provided by GP Wealth to its advisors and clients)


  • Operations and overhead
  • Trade review and supervision
  • Account reporting (account statements/client communications)
  • Investor tools and research


  • Registration, regulatory and investor-protection-fund fees
  • Legislated continuing education

Advisory Services
(provided by financial advisors to their clients)


  • Personalized financial planning
  • Initial and ongoing investor risk assessment
  • Development of an investment policy statement
  • Investment research and market updates
  • Asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing and risk monitoring
  • Regular review meetings and reporting


  • Operations and overhead
  • Licensing, registration and proficiency fees
  • Legislated continuing education

How your financial advisor adds value

Financial experience
Over time, financial advisors develop a deep base of experience that enables them to guide you through all of life stages and business cycles.

Increased investment discipline
Our emotions inevitably affect our investment decisions. Perhaps the single greatest benefit to using a financial advisor is their independent, impartial advice.

Investment suitability
If you put your money into unsuitable investments, you could take on too much risk or miss out on good opportunities. Your financial advisor adds value by determining the right risk-reward balance for your portfolio.

More free time
Your financial advisor can help you achieve peace of mind, enabling you to focus on your family and career.

What your financial advisor can do for you:

  • Comprehensive financial planning

  • Investment planning

  • Retirement planning

  • Education planning

  • Estate planning

  • Advanced tax planning


Reviewing your Financial Plan
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