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Fund Facts Document
Simplified disclosure with all the facts you need to know

Understanding your investments is an important part of making informed decisions with your money.

A Fund Facts document is a summary disclosure document required to be filed by all mutual funds in addition to other regulatory disclosure documents, such as the Simplified Prospectus. The Fund Facts document provides valuable information about a mutual fund, including the performance history, investments and the costs associated with investing in mutual funds.

Working together, you and your financial advisor can use this information to more effectively select the investments that are right for you.

Since June 13, 2014, all financial advisors are required to deliver the Fund Facts within two days of an investor's purchase of a conventional mutual fund.

Effective May 30, 2016, all advisors will be required to deliver the Fund Facts to an investor before accepting an instruction for the purchase of a mutual fund. The prospectus for a mutual fund will continue to be available to investors upon request.

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