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Ontario Raises Small Estate Limit to $150,000

July 15, 2021

Following a stakeholder consultation that began in August 2020, the Ontario government has simplified the application process to manage small estates, effective April 1, 2021.

The changes to the Estate Act, which include setting the limit for a small estate at $150,000, are intended to help people receive their inheritances faster and make the probate procedure for small estates more accessible.

Before the changes, the procedure was identical for all estates regardless of their size, often creating an unnecessary burden for families following the passing of a loved one.

Removal of bond requirement

Under the new rules, there's no longer a requirement to post a bond for a small estate, except when a beneficiary is a minor or deemed incapable.

Other changes include a new, more straightforward application form and removal of the requirements for certain supporting documents, such as a commissioned affidavit of service.

It's important to note that the new, small-estate limit will not affect probate fees — known as the estate administration tax — which will continue to apply to the portion of the estate exceeding $50,000.


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